Wine Tasting Temecula with Van'N Boozy: Built for The People, by The People

"We are the Ultimate California Experience when it comes to Wine Tasting Temecula"

- Van'N Boozy is what you make it-
  • We offer both Private and Shared Experiences to better serve all of our Boozy People
- Same Day Booking Available -
  • Just arrived in Temecula, discovered Van’N Boozy, and want to go out the same day?? Simply Text or Email us to see if we have any openings
 - Rain or Shine, we get you to the wine -
  • The tops close on our buses, so weather does not hold us back
  • We go out Rain or Shine!
- All Tastings Included -
  • Wine Tasting Temecula typically includes four to six (2-3 oz) samples of the wineries choosing (up to 18 tastings in total!!)
  • Temecula Beer Tasting typically includes four (4 oz) samples of the breweries choosing
  • We stop at 2-3 locations depending on which tour you choose
  • All Winery Tour, All Brewery Tour, or Mixer Tour combining Wine and Beer
- Snacks / Lunch -
  • Most wineries that we visit do not allow outside food
  • Most breweries do allow us to bring in our snacks
  • You are welcome to bring snacks that we can eat in the bus
  • If you are not on our Private VIP Experience, please be able to carry your snacks in your bag with you. They Cannot be left in the buses between stops
  • We all know that "including a lunch" in our package would mean that you are overpaying for a soggy sandwich and a small bag of chips. We don't believe in up charging our people
  • We bring you to a very nice winery where you have the option to purchase the food that you would like to eat if you so desire
- Complimentary Waters -
  • Wine is made from water and beer is made from water, but just in case you’d like to make tomorrow feel better, we keep our Vintage Cooler stocked with cool waters for you
- Drink in Between Drives?? -
  • The short answer is... No alcohol/open containers in the bus. ”The drives are the FUN part, in between the FUN parts!! Why would you inconvenience yourself when your sliding across the seats, smiling from ear to ear, rocking out with your friends?! We have so much fun in between the tastings that you don’t need to drink!! We’re different than what you're used to.”
- Pickup and Drop off -
  • We have meeting locations in Old Town Temecula and in Wine Country, depending on which tour you reserve
  • Inquire with us regarding Temecula Hotel, Air BNB, or Home pick up requests
  • Day Trippers will be provided with our nearest meeting location
- Bus Capacity -
  • Each bus seats 7 people
  • We can accommodate up to 21 people
  • If you have a small group, 1-4 ppl, you may get placed with another small group, Unless you would like to pay for a Private Tour
- Souvenirs -
  • T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Beanies, Stickers & Magnets
  • Remember to ask your driver about our Merch that is with us on every trip!

Grab a couple friends and lets get Boozy!

"Van'N Boozy, The Happiest Tour in Temecula!"